2023 Wildfire Season: What Should We Expect?

Here’s what the experts are saying about this spring and summer’s wildfire season. The NFL keeps adding games and Christmas decorations now appear on shelves before Halloween, but football and the holidays aren’t the only seasons that are expanding. Unfortunately for our nation’s forests and lungs, an ever-lengthening wildfire season is just a fact of […]

Do You Need a Mask for DIY Woodworking?

Short answer: Yes. Here’s how to protect yourself when working in your wood shop. If you love woodworking, your shop is a personal haven. Whether it’s in the garage, basement, or a backyard shed, it’s where you go to relax, create, problem solve, and spend some quality time with all those tools you’ve amassed over […]

Traffic Pollution Reduces Brain Function

Exposure to diesel exhaust affects the ability to think. Diesel exhaust has long been linked to health risks such as lung cancer, heart attacks, kidney damage, and blood clotting. Semi-trucks, commercial vehicles, and even some personal-use trucks are fueled by diesel; the exhaust from these vehicles contains nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds, and dangerous particulate […]

Five Reasons to Be Hopeful About Air Quality

Positive changes are happening in the world’s air quality. Let’s rip off the bandaid and get the bad news over with: Nearly the entire global population is inhaling unhealthy air. According to data from the World Health Organization, 99% of humans are breathing air that has dangerous levels of fine particulate matter or too much […]

2022: Year in Review

Another year has come to a close, a moment that always invites reflection. What will 2022 be remembered for? The global population passed the 8 billion mark. The James Webb telescope gave us a spectacular new view of our universe. The world rallied behind Ukraine, bid farewell to the Queen of England, said hello to […]

10 Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Community

Hot Air Balloon

During the recent United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, government leaders and environmental demonstrators alike called for action to combat climate change, including air pollution. “Air pollution knows no borders,” the UN points out, and improving air quality is “key to tackling the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste.” […]

The Real Toll of Disposable Masks

Disposable Masks

Three million disposable masks are thrown away every minute—and it’s trashing the planet. Along with vaccines and social distancing, masks are an essential way to stop the spread of COVID-19. But disposable masks are causing their own problem—a growing environmental catastrophe. Just how bad is disposable face mask pollution for the planet? Consider these facts: […]

Prep for Wildfire Season

Wildfire Smoke

Think Ahead During Wildfire Season In areas prone to wildfires, preparation can bring peace of mind. Wildfire season has gotten longer and more intense, leaving many of us feeling on edge. But a bit of strategic prep work can mean the difference between constant anxiety about your safety and the air you’re breathing—and confidence that […]

How to Fix Maskne

Naomi Suzuki

Expert advice on avoiding any skin issues while wearing a face mask.  “The good news? There are simple ways to avoid rashes and breakouts while using masks.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people encountered the annoyance of maskne for the first time. But maskne has always been an issue for people who work in occupations […]

Makana Masks Pass Rigorous Bacterial and Viral Filtration Tests

OGDEN, UTAH, AUGUST 5, 2021: Makana Masks, the American manufacturer of innovative reusable safety masks, has achieved a new benchmark in the efficacy of its half-faced elastomer face mask. In tests of both Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE), the Makana Mask intercepted at least 99% of particulate sized 0.3 μm (microns) […]