Seal in Protection
With a Makana Mask


The Makana Mask is a featherweight, reusable respirator mask that conforms to the contours of the face and protects against airborne contaminants of all kinds. Makana offers two unique filters: a heavy-duty filter pre-certified by Nelson Labs as N95, and a more breathable general use filter perfect for DIY, women and children, and extended wear.


  • 2 Sizes
  • 2 Filter options
  • 4 colour options


The Makana Mask is ideal for home DIY projects, construction work, health care and emergency services, smog and pollution mitigation, and a wide range of other applications. It’s also a comfortable, cost-effective option for protecting yourself against airborne particles and pathogens.


Wildfires continue to pose a dramatic threat, requiring attention and preparation by everyone in a potentially vulnerable area. Air quality is often impacted by wildfires even hundreds of miles from the source, so be prepared with a Makana Mask for every member of the household.
Grandmother and child


Makana was founded by Dr. David Mathews following years of non-profit volunteer work to underserved communities. He grew frustrated with the widespread use of ineffective paper and cloth masks. He spent years developing a mask that conforms to the face; is comfortable to wear; and truly protects people. Makana’s mission is to provide a mask that helps all who wear it breathe better.