What’s Lurking in Your Lawn?

The days are getting a little shorter, the air a little nippier; and soon, it’ll be time to dust the cobwebs from your Halloween decorations (except the ones that are cobwebs.) The waning heat makes early autumn an ideal time to do yard work. It’s important to recognize that innocuous tasks like raking, mowing, and […]

Don’t Kill Yourself Cleaning

It sounds like a 1970’s refrigerator magnet: “Housekeeping is dangerous to your health.” Yet it’s true: Cleaning house really can be dangerous. Having an orderly, less germy home is worth the effort, of course, but toxic chemicals, slippery surfaces, and wobbly step stools are just a few examples of how cleaning can go wrong and […]

These Firefighters have Goat Your Back

No offense to Simone Biles, but there’s a new GOAT making headlines in 2023. Biles may be the Greatest of All Time, but when it comes to curbing wildfire risk, the other kind of goats (the kind with horns, beady eyes, and chin whiskers) are proving to be champions at chomping their way to healthier […]

2023 Wildfire Season: What Should We Expect?

Here’s what the experts are saying about this spring and summer’s wildfire season. The NFL keeps adding games and Christmas decorations now appear on shelves before Halloween, but football and the holidays aren’t the only seasons that are expanding. Unfortunately for our nation’s forests and lungs, an ever-lengthening wildfire season is just a fact of […]

Do You Need a Mask for DIY Woodworking?

If you love woodworking, your shop is a personal haven. Whether it’s in the garage, basement, or a backyard shed, it’s where you go to relax, create, problem solve, and spend some quality time with all those tools you’ve amassed over the years. (Yet somehow, there’s always one more tool you’re gonna need, whatever the […]

Traffic Pollution Reduces Brain Function

Exposure to diesel exhaust affects the ability to think. Diesel exhaust has long been linked to health risks such as lung cancer, heart attacks, kidney damage, and blood clotting. Semi-trucks, commercial vehicles, and even some personal-use trucks are fueled by diesel; the exhaust from these vehicles contains nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds, and dangerous particulate […]

Five Reasons to Be Hopeful About Air Quality

Positive changes are happening in the world’s air quality. Let’s rip off the bandaid and get the bad news over with: Nearly the entire global population is inhaling unhealthy air. According to data from the World Health Organization, 99% of humans are breathing air that has dangerous levels of fine particulate matter or too much […]

2022: Year in Review

Another year has come to a close, a moment that always invites reflection. What will 2022 be remembered for? The global population passed the 8 billion mark. The James Webb telescope gave us a spectacular new view of our universe. The world rallied behind Ukraine, bid farewell to the Queen of England, said hello to […]